JCH2 and Bob Bibbly, aka Mike Limbaugh
March 20, 2015
8:00 pm
Gordonville, MO/Cape Giradeau, MO
Westside Bar and Grill
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Caught wind my ol buddy, Bibble, was wanting to get back to work so what did I do? I booked the only gig I could find on such short notice that routed to STL for Saturday night’s Powder Mill show at Cicero’s.

As luck would have it the Westside Bar seems to have quite the patronage of Millbillies and Hammer Heads alike so all I can say is some days the sun shines. Looking forward to this one.

I missed picking with Mikey and TJ and the crew up in Gordonville — seem to be fans of good music instead of karaoke and Jager bombed out depleted Freebird petitioners. Amen.