Jesse Hammock-Arkansas State University’s Delta Symposium
April 11, 2015
4:00 pm
Jonesboro, Arkansas
CWL Park, corner of Culberhouse and Cherry, just west of the public library
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Was honored to be asked to play such a prestigious function that focuses on some of the reasons why I started playing music in the first place, or at least why I started writing songs. I highly suggest you keep your ear to the ground as it’s a pert near week long chocked full of….well… other words it’s…..

“The Delta Symposium hosts scholars and students of the humanities and social sciences, and features multidisciplinary presentations on topics ranging from literature, music, and art to historical and contemporary issues relevant to life in the region. The event offers a variety of presentations, including panels, concerts, keynote speakers, readings/signings by prominent writers, and the Saturday afternoon Roots Music Festival.”

I’m playing at their Roots Music Festival Saturday afternoon around 4pm, but I highly suggest you join me all day to soak up some southern Americana and roots via spoken word and sanging slang. This is a free show.

Thanks ASU, for the opportunity to be a part of it!